Our Mission

To make a safe and secure environment for outdoor display booths. Safety is our first concern: for our clients, their products and customers.


"I love my Happifeet™."
- Jodi M. - Jeweler, Utah



Happifeet™ Weight Systems provide a solid-steel tent weight designed to secure and stabilize 10' x 10' and 10' x 20' tents in windy conditions. Tent weights should not be an afterthought; they are the very foundation of your outdoor display booth!

You need adequate weights to protect not only your tent, but also your products. Happifeet™ are an important part of protecting your overall investment.

As an outdoor vendor, you know that sunny days are always welcome, but occasionally wind and rain may visit your event, too! The unique design of these weights ensures your tent/booth will stand solid during those bad weather days.

Happifeet™ were jointly designed and patented by an engineer and exhibiting artist with experience in using display booths at outdoor events.

Happifeet™ are weatherproof, easy to store and install, and will last a lifetime.

Order your system today and never be caught weightless again.