A Note about Happifeet...

Since 2003 I have been immersed in all things Happifeet. First, with the research for a better way to hold a canopy that was safe and effective beginning with my own tent and second, with finding a way to manufacture them for others. It has been an educational and rewarding experience and hope that I have helped everyone along the way.

Having handled and shipped all the weights myself over the years have led to arm and shoulder injuries that I can no longer ignore. So with that in mind I have decided to close the manufacturing and the selling of the Happifeet weights.

I still own all copyrights and the patent on the weights as well as the Happifeet name. The patent is for sale and I have one maintenance fee due in 2017. If anyone is interested please contact me at: cindy@happifeet.com or 515-249-3314.

I have enjoyed serving all my customers and been rewarded immensely along the way and wish to thank all those who purchased and supported me through the years.

Cindy Gordon